Where are we from & How did we get to Atlanta?

A very long story short,  a wrong turn and accidental visit to our shop turned into an amazing opportunity for Splat!  We were offered the opportunity to be in midtown Atlanta and began working closely with a developer on a space resulting in the decision to close down our Charlotte location in preparation to make the move to Atlanta.  This was a bittersweet decision for us as we had built lasting friendships with our customers and were leaving a community in which we were a part of for 4+years.  May 30th was an emotional day as we said goodbye to a very supportive group of people who, while sad, cheered us on in the most amazing way.  We went through over 5,500 cupcakes that day.

After the midtown project was temporarily put on hold and we had already moved to the Atlanta area, we decided we couldn't wait any longer.  We found a perfect spot in Buford and proceeded to open with the intentions of maybe pursuing a midtown location in the future.  We feel like this is where we are meant to be right now and feel so blessed to be a part of the Gwinnett community.