Once upon a time...

From the time Mònica Nunn was small, she always loved being in the kitchen with her mother thinking up fun, creative projects for friends, family, and teachers.  This creativity came in handy during her years of being a teacher in North Carolina.  Once she started her own family, she quit teaching to become a stay-at-home mom.  That's when she began experimenting with cakes and cupcakes.  Completely self-taught, she started making them out of her home for family and friends, then friends of friends.  Before she knew it, she was doing 8-10 cakes on the weekends, and her kitchen was regularly covered in cake, fondant, and powdered sugar { this is where the name of the business came from... SPLAT!   see?} .

Her oven door wouldn't shut on its own from being overused and had to be propped closed with a chair and her neighbors began to express concerns about the amount of cars driving up and down their gravel driveway.  This is when she and her husband Jason began praying about what God wanted them to do with this crazy little cake business.  They found the tiny spot on Main Street in Lowell, NC that was the perfect space she needed and jokingly, she said to her husband, "I'll probably do a couple dozen cupcakes a week just so I won't be twiddling my thumbs."  Little did she know, she would be doing anywhere from 300-500 cupcakes a day and found it extremely difficult to keep up with the cake and cupcake demand!  This is when Chris came to the rescue.  Chris and Mònica have been best friends since middle school and in 2012, he came on board just to help Mònica out on occasion which very quickly became him helping full-time.  Today, they share the business and together they make the perfect team working very hard to bring a little joy to the community one cupcake at a time. 

We specialize in our locally roasted coffee, cakes for every occasion, and cupcakes in a variety of over 175 flavors and counting.  We are very proud that many of our recipes have been passed down from Mònica's great grandmother and that everything is made from scratch daily using only the freshest ingredients.   We also like to add our own little spin on our classics, such as our "splattyshake" and "party in cone".  You can click here to see more of the items we offer.


While we are not perfect in any way, we have learned and grown through our failures and strive to do our very best in everything we do.  We are overwhelmed and grateful for our faithful customers who appreciate made-from-scratch goodness and we look forward to many more years of putting smiles on your faces and providing you with a quality product made with love.  We are so much more than cupcakes.


<-----Grand opening at our Buford location.